Glenda Emory

Transformational Healer

Specializing in intensive, life changing, healing specifically for Twin Flames in separation, advanced energy healing, addictions, fears, phobias, and past life issues.

New services as of January 2018

As a Twin Flame I am uniquely qualified to work with and help other twin flames. Being a true twin is hard enough without having to go through this alone. I have been searching far and wide for different techniques that are effective in moving this dance forward. I offer healings that help clear the connection as well as work through and remove anything blocking you from moving forward. I believe we as twins have a mission and a purpose to help the planet evolve and ascend to higher vibrations. Dark energies don't want us to fulfill our mission and are free to interfere unless we consciously do something about it to clear them and protect ourselves and our twin.

Deep Healing For You And Your Divine Counterpart In this service I will address the following:

Confirmation of your connection. Not everyone will have a divine counterpart incarnated this lifetime. Identifying and removing the blocks. Clearing and upgrading your energy system. Clearing dark energies, curses, and spells if you have them. What is your soul mission? Who is on your spiritual team? What is the next step? Here you receive practical solutions to help you move forward. One hour session. (In actuality it is 2 hours. Half hour prep before the call and up to a half an hour after to prepair and send your session notes.)

This is a global service and can be done in person or via Skype, Zoom, or Messanger. I am Eastern Standard Time Zone. Please note: I will not give a time frame. There are too many factors involved that can skew any predictive part of this service.

Divine Counterpart Follow Up If you have had the full service and just need to see what is blocking you now I will check in and send you the results and who is helping you at the moment. Healing and removing blocks is an on going process and knowing what needs to be worked on next is a very valuable tool. This is just the session notes with no face time. Session notes will be emailed to you.

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