Glenda Emory

Transformational Healer

Specializing in intensive, life changing, healing specifically for Twin Flames in separation, advanced energy healing, addictions, fears, phobias, and past life issues.

We had a young pioneer woman ghost here at the house (and a beautiful little boy ghost that showed himself to me in white shorts shirt and socks and a Dutch blue cap). They were playful, gentle and very loving spirits that did helpful things for us --like scare off the burglars from our house.

I did my best to try and help the young woman spirit move on but she believed she was trapped here on crossed energetic lines. She had experienced a very difficult life and tragic murder--leaving her afraid to move on (to where she feared her abuser might be.) So, "who ya gonna call?" Glenda was referred to me by a group of people I know for unusual cases. And she did know what to do. She knew to use copper pipes to break the crossed ley lines on the property to set our beloved spirits free--and she knew how to place the rods and hold open the space. What a blessing of love and angels it was to see them jump down into the portal Glenda drew open for them. It was such a peaceful feeling.

The land around us had seen some very difficult times--much Native American suffering and injustice. In the freeing of our pioneer woman and little boy spirits, Glenda was able to help a very large group of Native Americans jump into the light. The old chief who perished with his people, stopped after they crossed --hugged and thanked her for opening the space for them.

It's hard to explain what the energy of that felt like. There were tears in my eyes. There were angels present and there was just so much love waiting for these souls.

So, now, with Glenda's service, the spirits that shared our time here have been freed as we are preparing to move ourselves. I have put a shell of protective love around our home all to finish this miracle and feel so much at peace every day--and so happy for the woman and boy in particular. What a blessing it is to know people like Glenda who can work such a wondrous blessing --and for me to experience the love of the angels in this process. What a blessing it is that there are people who can free lost souls and exorcise the really dark ones. What a blessing it is to help someone--even when that someone is a ghost.

If you ever find yourself in need of a Medium who can do specialized (and "ordinary") energetic cleansings of a home, Call in the angels and call Glenda! Blessings on your journey, one and all.

Ann F

I found Glenda on Google after another of my mares died along with her baby. I had lost many in a row and had no live births in over a year when I finally figured something was wrong beyond physical stuff. I called and Glenda knew exactly what needed to be done. Once she got here she cleared the creepy man out of my house that always stood in my bedroom at night. Then she checked on my animals and in doing so got a vision of a giant wolf spirit that was put here by Native Americans to protect the land. What is crazy is my horses had been acting like a predator was around, but I never told her that. She just knew. She cleared the land and connected with the wolf spirit and told him thank you for his service, but his people had long since moved on and he could be released. He told her he did not trust us to care for the land after he was gone. She offered to have us plant a fruit tree and care for it for a year and a day to prove our dedication to the land and the creatures that live here. He agreed as long as we cared for the tree and that we never ate from it, but left the fruit for all the animals to eat. I am so grateful that Glenda came. I have not lost one more mare since she came and have had successful pregnancies and healthy babies. The creepy guy is not here anymore either. Love her. I highly recommend her.

Shannon A

I am an addict and have been most of my adult life. I tried without success to get clean using AA. I had relapsed more times than I can count, but it wasn’t until I met Glenda that my world finally changed for the better. I happen to meet her at a local Psychic Fair and when she looked at me she said I would not get clean until the attachment I had was gone. That it was blocking everything good in my life and keeping me in pain. As I am sitting there feeling overwhelmed I could feel something dig into my shoulder blades and felt a heavy pressure on my shoulders as if a big bird was sitting on me with its claws digging into my shoulders. She said this was an ancestral demon that had effected all the women on my family and she was right. I can trace back addiction and abuse as far back as my family has documentation. Needless to say I booked an appointment that minute. Upon seeing Glenda she cleared my home and me of the attachment. That was a dramatic session to say the least and the relief I felt when it was gone brought me to tears. I was exhausted and went to bed after she left and slept peacefully until the next morning. It took me about 40 minutes to realize I was not fighting myself and my cravings. I had no craving for alcohol. I was amazed and waited all day for it to come, but it didn’t. I was FREE!!!! I still continue to work my program, Glenda’s suggestion), but also scheduled another session where we did an ancestral healing to keep this from passing on to my daughter.
Seeing Glenda changed my life in an amazingly short amount of time. She is an angel sent to walk the earth rescuing us poor lost souls and putting us back on the path we were meant to be on. She is a God send and is worth way more than she charges. I highly recommend her. She is honest, compassionate, knowledgeable, and all around bad ass when dealing with demons. I am forever grateful.

Barbara G

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