Glenda Emory

Transformational Healer

Specializing in intensive, life changing, healing specifically for Twin Flames in separation, advanced energy healing, addictions, fears, phobias, and past life issues.

Glenda Emory is a transformational healer who specializes in healing trauma, phobias,  past life issues, addiction, PTSD, and energetic attachment of dark energies.  Glenda is passionate about helping you achieve the life you are meant to have. Having been diagnosed with Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2005,but being sick since 2000 she spent the next 7 years trying every medical treatment available to feel better.  Most days consisted of sleeping or lying on the couch due to being too exhausted and in pain to do much of anything else, including playing with her two young children.  Suffering from debilitating fatigue, extreme pain, anxiety, and depression Glenda often questioned why she was here and wondered if her purpose in life was to suffer. Her journey to wellness began in earnest when one final medication resulted in the loss of all her hair. 

Frustrated and desperate, Glenda began to seek help elsewhere, away from traditional medicine.  She began reading anything she could,  trying to find a reason why nothing worked and why she felt so sick all the time. Glenda happened upon a book that seemed to be written just for her, which explained she was an empath and was sensitive to energy. She began to make changes and rapidly began to heal on her own.  Taking her health into her own hands catapulted Glenda in the direction of spiritual healing and after taking her first Reiki class she was fascinated and began to embrace being empathic, which led to the blossoming of her psychic abilities and uncovering her family heritage realizing she comes from a long line of healers, psychics, and medicine women was incredibly empowering.  Finally she knew her purpose was to lead others out of the darkness and into the light where they could lead full and happy lives. 

 Different religions and cultures have always interested Glenda, as she has learned their spiritual ways she incorporated them into her own Cherokee heritage and thus her spiritual tool box grew and keeps growing. This gives her a level of understanding and knowledge that can help you fix any spiritual problem.  Glenda is a master in several styles of Reiki, a Japanese healing technique that resets the body back to homeostasis which allows it to heal itself.   Many people have expressed amazing relief from painful conditions after just one treatment. Having been through her own spiritual and physical crisis, Glenda understands firsthand what it is like to feel hopeless, depressed, and helpless. 

Glenda is a very accurate and compassionate psychic and medium. She is able to read anyone or anything by connecting on a heart level.  By seeing past the blocks, she gets straight to the heart of the matter and gives you insight and solutions to your problems.  After suffering from attachments and not finding  any help Glenda began searching for her own answers, vowing to help anyone who suffers thusly. Using her knowledge and ability to connect she has helped hundreds of families who have been haunted or plagued with negative spirits.  Removing the spirits and giving these families back their safety and peace of mind is a passion of Glenda’s. She is a natural born healer, and exorcist as well as an expert in many spiritual fields using many methods and modalities making her uniquely qualified to handle a wide array of spiritual and physical issues.  Contact her to customize a program specifically for you and your situation. 404-939-1137







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