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How not to bring home ghosts. Part 1

Got ghosts? Ghosts can be annoying as hell especially at night. Why at night? Night time is easier for them to move around although I have had plenty of experiences during the day, but I think many enjoy interrupting our sleep.

Ghosts are just people who no longer have a body and have chosen to not cross over. Yes crossing is a choice. Call it the last act of free will. Because they are people without a body they will be in death as they were in life. So if they were mean and evil in life they will be mean and evil in death until they choose to cross over.

Many are harmless and just like to observe the living world and have no desire to participate in it. Some are very insistent in seeking attention or help. Some can get downright nasty and angry if you don’t do what they want you to do and they can break things and make sleeping next to impossible.

I do a lot of cleansings for people with problems of a paranormal nature. Some people go their whole lives and never have a paranormal experience while some can’t seem to get away from them. I have had them my whole life from when I was a very small baby. So what do you do when this is not something you want at all? While you can’t ever truly get away from these experiences because, let’s face it, you are what you are and if you are sensitive to spirits they are sensitive to you. Once seen always seen, but you can have a safe space or buffer zone so to speak. I am speaking of your home. No one has more control over your home than you, but there are some simple mistakes that people make that continues to cause problems in the home where they can find no peace.

Places you go have a bearing on what comes home with you.If you are an empath these places should be avoided if at all possible.

Here are some common places where we can pick up unwanted things that follow us home. You see, we emit a beautiful light that attracts them like moths to a flame. They love our light and energy and if we are a medium they know they can communicate with us. Some just want our energy and some just want to have a little fun at our expense.


Hospitals are cesspools of not only germs, but due to all the pain and suffering that occurs there so do some really nasty conscious energies that feed off those emotions. The dead often hang around their bodies for a bit to see what happens to them out of curiosity or out of confusion because they don't realize they are dead. If you have to go to the hospital then make sure you take measures to protect yourself and clear yourself before you go home.

*Funeral homes & Grave Yards

No one is joyous and happy at a funeral, well unless the deceased was an awful person. Due to the myriad of emotions, anger, despair, grief, desolation, just to name a few there are energies that they enjoy feeding off, those emotions and will often follow person who is grieving the most home. Their influence can and will extend the grieving period sometimes indefinitely.


Alcohol is not called spirits for nothing and drinking alcohol or taking mind altering drugs lower your inhibitions, but also your ability to protect yourself. Many dead hang around to feel what it felt like to be drunk. If you are an addict they can and will follow you home to continue the experience and can interfere with someone who is trying to get sober. Just having alcohol in the house can attract spirits. Known haunted locations and paranormal investigations are kind of a no brainer. They are rife with earth bound spirits among other things. You are in death as you were in life so if you were creepy in life you are creepy in death. Because of your sensitivity to them they may be more curious about you and some may leave with you just to check you out. If you are lucky they will lose interest and return where you picked them up, but if you are not lucky and they really like their new accommodations, your house, they end up staying and laying claim to your space.

*Improper use of occult/spiritual practices

This can be a very innocent thing, but can be very detrimental. Simply meditating without setting sacred space and asking for protection is enough for anything to highjack you and your space. When we are connecting with the universe, our guides, angels, deities, and anything else you are opening yourself to energies beyond your comprehension. In this you open doorways into our dimension. Opening doorways with no thought of what you are opening allows anything to come through. By not properly closing those doorways it is like leaving your front door open 24/7. Anything and everything can come in and make your home its home.

*Antique & second hand stores

These places have chaotic energy due to the fact that when an object is used regularly we imprint our energy onto the object and people get really attached to their personal things. It is rare, but if an earth bound spirit is still claiming ownership of an object they will follow that object to your home. They can throw quite the tantrum if you do something to that object that they don’t like.

*Inviting into your home people who are intensely negative or addicts

Having people in your home who are extremely negative or active addicts is never a good thing, but being hospitable to family and friends doesn’t always give us a choice and being compassionate people we will not shun them anyway. The thought is negative people attract negative entities like flowers attract bees. They really can’t help it. Addicts are also in a state of chaos all the time. Most addicts will have multiple entities who lay claim to them and will interfere and push their buttons to keep them in chaos and needing whatever they are addicted to thus making it very hard to get clean and sober. Once on your home the energies that follow them could stay behind after they leave.

Upcoming blog: How not to bring home ghosts part 2. I will discuss how to remedy the problem if you have one.

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Holding Space. Just what the heck does that really mean?

So the term, “holding space,” is a common phrase amongst the metaphysical/spiritual community. I have often been asked and wondered myself what the heck it really means to hold space for someone and exactly what do you do to, “hold space?” Well I got an up close example this week that I will explain now.

The situation unfolded as follows, and it really is interesting how I get answers to questions that I ask. My husband was out of town in a training class this week and being the empath that he is knew something was wrong with the teacher. Emotionally the guy was off and even though he never said anything and continued to teach the class, my husband had a sense that the teacher was upset.

A common occurrence with empaths is that people will unburden themselves to us and usually end up spilling their guts to us in a way that is profoundly detailed. The person doing the unburdening usually has no clue what why they are telling you the intimate details of their lives, but they just can’t seem to help themselves or stop even when they realize they are telling a total stranger everything.

So on this day the teacher did exactly that. He told my husband everything that was going on at home and why he was so upset. My husband simply listened. He didn’t ask questions or offer advice. He didn’t get emotional. He simply just gave this person the time he needed to tell someone what he was going through.

That is the essence of holding space for someone. It is not an active thing. It is quite the opposite. Holding space is doing nothing, but being a non-judgmental, static, listener. By not getting emotionally involved or trying to fix the situation you allow them to say how they feel and process what they are feeling and going through.

Holding space is providing a safe space for them to authentically express themselves. You are lending them energy and emotional support by staying detached. When you cry or get angry you are taking the focus off them and placing it on yourself. When you offer advice you are taking over and making the situation about you. When you do this instead of holding space you are actually making the situation all about you and taking control.
Holding space allows the person to completely express themselves. Riding to the rescue is about control. Giving up control can be difficult, but necessary. Often once fully expressed the person can release the situation and feel better by moving forward and not staying stuck in those emotions.

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