Glenda Emory

Transformational Healer

Remote Clearing and Entity Removal This is used when those effected would rather not have a physical, on site, clearing. Has the same benefits as on site, but takes less time. Most useful for those out of state or the the country. In some instances on site is recommended, but that can be discussed and explained during your free 20 minute call.

Spiritual Cleansing, Blessing & Entity Removal I am an expert in handling cases deemed unsolvable or a lost cause. I am a natural born exorcist meaning I began formal training after I started successfully doing them. Formal training includes a variety of techniques from many different cultures and religions. A spiritual cleansing removes, or exorcises, unwanted, potentially negative, conscious and unconscious energy from your home or you depending upon the situation. Some people do have serious entity attachments and this requires special care. This multi-step process removes, blesses, seals, and protects from recurrence. 2 to 4 hours depending upon severity and size of location and could require multiple sessions. Includes all supplies, after care, and detailed instructions on how to keep things from coming back. Proven method. References available upon request.

How do you know? Weird occurrences in the home that have a definitive beginning such as hearing footsteps, banging, knocking, scratching, and voices. Disturbed sleep including nightmares, being startled awake, and feeling like you are being watched. Physical manifestations including sudden onset of serious on going illness, scratches, bruises, being held down or choked, foul smells, the house falling apart around you, increased bug and pest activity, feelings of dread, and generally everything falling apart in your life. Loss of job and or people close to you as if you have horrible bad luck. Sudden addictions or strange behavior that is out of character for you or someone who lives with you.

Exorcisims Full blown possession is actually quite rare, but very serious and can be life threatening. Age, race, or culture has nothing to do with this occurring. Most people have done nothing wrong to deserve what is happening to them. Once the process begins it is completely out of your control and you will need help to be free. Possession can wreak havoc in your personal life and on your physical body. Sometimes these entities are inherited along ancestral lines jumping from one family member to another. In this case it is a blood tie that allows this to happen and the family line needs an ancestral healing after the exorcism. In this process the entity is removed and dealt with in a way that it can’t come back. The physical body where it resided is healed and sealed so reoccurrence cannot happen as well as the physical dwelling is cleared of any residual energy and sealed to prevent anything else from coming in. Specific after care, depending on the severity of the situation, will be recommended.

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